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(OOC: Now I have to find a different way to introduce that weapon idea and Kiroku's bluffing skills and trickery... this sucks - w -'|||)

Well, now Kiroku could say that he rode on the back of a dragon. So, now he needed to help save a princess. Everything happened so quickly it was like he just passed out and woke up outside the place conveniently. Oh well, now he had a chance to actually do something... Or rather, wait to be able to do something. But he supposed the more pressing matter was the princess, and she was a higher priority.

"So, obvious statement here, but we might as well work together here and forget that little spar back at the school," Kiroku said as he stretched out with the naginata in hand, "We don't need a rivalry interfering with our current concerns. So you two get the silly out of your systems before I test this button out on the naginatta."

Then again, maybe he wanted to do it anyhow. It was just there... He had to discover its secrets at some point.

(OOC: Seriously though, losing all that really sucked)

Murder has never been so adorable. H3H3H3H3H3H3 >:]
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