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Name: Cory Anderson

Nickname (Optional): n/a

Age: 15

Gender: M

Dorm: Suicune

Appearance: Cory is tall for his age, already up to five feet, seven inches in hieght. He has an average body build and can be seen wearing denim jeans, with a denim jacket over a white tank top. His eyes are as calm and deep as the sky, while his hair is a bright golden blonde, short and slightly curly. His footwear is grayish sneakers with steeltoe tips to reduce risk of injuring his feet if something is dropped on them.

Cory is calm and kind, but at the same time somewhat displaced with the world around him. He usually keeps his distance from people, not out of being anti-social, but out of respect for people's personal space. He is usually seen off by himself, or with his Pokemon, always having a sullen expression on his face.

Though not many things anger him, he does still have his own pet peevs. He doesn't care if people make fun of him, but if one of his Pokemon or a friend of his gets hurt for the wrong reasons, he will seek out justice for the wrongdoing. He is also somewhat... simple, for lack of a better term. If a person is not specific in some way, Cory has trouble following along. But if given an explicit set of directions, he can execute them very precisely.

He also has a motto: “Its better to gain a Pokemon's trust as a friend, rather than try to catch it with force, even if it does seem like its unavoidable.” and does his best to “catch” Pokemon by showing them he is their friend, moreso than trainer, believing the act will build much better, long time bonds.

Cory grew up in Hoenn, (City/Town pending), where he didn't start his Pokemon journeys like most other people due to the fact his father died of cancer, and his mother was stricken with grief. His mother had become ill for a while, making Cory mature at a much quicker pace in order to cope with the drastic changes in his life. He was only ten when it happened, and wasn't able to go with his childhood friends on their Pokemon journeys, for five years he would not be able to partake on his own.

After five years have passed, Cory had grown into a very mature teenager, but a sheltered one at that. Because of the lack in Pokemon interaction he has not yet been able to experience the joys that most people experience, nor the hardships that come with it. He is calm yet distant, the only Pokemon he has ever seen was the Gardevior that was recently trained by the local Pokemon Center to help him with taking care of his sick mother. For five years he worked hard to restore his mother's health, and she did indeed recover to a good degree. Though reluctant to leave after so long, his mother had insisted to finally partake in his Pokemon journey.

Gathering up some Pokeballs by using some of his spare life earnings, he set out to try and catch a Pokemon. Being handicapped by not having a starting Pokemon, he did his best to try and catch one the hard way. Getting pecked by Pidgeys, bit by Patrats, and even thrown out of a tree by a dang Pinsir he had used up all of his Pokeballs. He was just wandering around in the tall grass, not really knowing any better, and trips over a Zangoose. As fate would have it, it was wounded and in no mood to fight, having pretty bad burns on its body for whatever reasons he couldn't figure out. He managed to handle it and get a camp set up, picking Berries, namely Rawst and Oran, to make a kind of mushy medicine that was both healthy and tasty. The Zangoose wasn't very trustworthy at first, namely due to the injuries it suffered but within a few days it was healthy. Cory didn't expect a lasting relationship but apparently the act of kindness made the Zangoose warm up to him, thus Cory and his newfound partner set out on their own Pokemon journey... starting with the Pokemon Academy.

Zangya (F Zangoose) : Hardy : Ability Toxic Boost : lvl 18 : Hone Claws, Brick Break, Quick Attack, Facade
Seigmund (M Pawniard) : Adamant : Ability Defiant : lvl 20 : Metal Claw, Night Slash, X-Scissor, Slash
Gale (F Ralts) : Gentle : Ability Synchronize : lvl 10 : Growl

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