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I see, but there's no need. XD I'm sure we can all determine who's saying what. <:

Jessica Stark is accepted!
She will receive 3 pins and 2 special items on arrival;
Fighting Gloves - A simple pair of fighting gloves. They do seem to pack quite a punch!
Fighting Boots - A simple pair of fighting boots. Wearing them gives you quite a kick!
000 The Player Pin - Proof that you are a player in the Reaper's Game. Pressing it lets you hear the thought fragments of those around you in the RG.
113 Chansey - The Egg Monster. Using this pin heals half of yours and your partner's health. Can only be used once per battle.
619 Mienfoo - The Martial Arts Monster. Using this pin increases your strength and gives you the knowledge for basic martial arts skills.
... though for Jessica, the Mienfoo pin only seems to work for her gloves and boots. How odd!

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