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I hope I can still get in~

Name: August Kristine Munroe

Nickname: Aggie

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Dorm: Suicune Dorm


Aggie’s outfit was designed and made by her sister, Samantha. It incorporates her favorite colors, and most comfortable style. She shares her green eyes and black hair with her mother, while taking her father’s darkly tanned skin and height. She stands at 5’6”, and weighs in at 127lbs.


Aggie is a silent girl, but not by choice. She was born mute, and uses a pen and paper to communicate what she can’t express through emotion. She is very kind, helpful and cautious, upon meeting new people. The people who actually stick by her, the people who don’t leave her for inability to speak, the people who can look past that, are extremely precious to her. She will protect her friends and loved ones with her life.

She is annoyed very easily, though she will barely ever show it. She likes to get to know the people she is with, to try and make a connection with them. She doesn’t really put up any walls or defenses when meeting new people, because she can generally see how they are just by their facial expressions.

Putting her disability aside, in the midst of battle she will really get into it. She treasures her Pokemon, because they’re her best friends. If anything were to happen to them, she probably wouldn’t know what to do with herself. It would be like losing a family member. She is very emotional.

All in all, she has a kind heart, a helpful and caring personality, and an all-around good nature.

Aggie was born in the middle of October, in Accumula town. She lived with her parents and big sister, Samantha, who was four years older than her. Aggie’s parents had always gushed about how great it was to be a Pokemon trainer, and she was introduced to Pokemon at a very young age. Both of her parents trained and raised Pokemon in their youth, and they wanted their daughters to follow in their footsteps.

She was taught many things by her parents and grandmother. She would take many written tests to prove her knowledge in Pokemon. Her parents were very pleased in knowing their mute daughter could learn so much, and retain the knowledge. They even went out to help her catch her first Pokemon, a Purrlion, whom she nicknamed Ruka.

Her sister on the other hand, had no interest in becoming a Pokemon trainer. Instead, she was more interested in designing clothing. Though, she stood by her little sister to help her whenever she needed it.

Their parents left on a cruise one weekend, saying they’d be gone for a few months. They left Samantha in charge of August, and soon they came across a brochure about a Trainer School, founded by the famous Professor Gary Oak. August had a feeling she would fit in there, and be around like-minded people, so she was eager to enroll. After confirmation from her parents, she sent in her information and soon received a letter in the mail, declaring her acceptance.

Many thought her inability to speak would cause her downfall as a trainer, but she learned to use hand motions to command her Pokemon, using her fingers to number which attacks were to be used.


Gender: Female
Nickname: Ruka
Level: 20
Moveset: Fury Swipes – Pursuit – Shadow Claw – Aerial Ace – Foul Play – Attract

Gender: Male
Nickname: Axden
Level: 18
Moveset: Ember – Fire Spin – Quick Attack – Flamethrower – Double Team – Protect

Gender: Male
Nickname: Scrythe
Level: 18
Moveset: Spark – Bite – Thunderbolt – Ice Fang – Flash – Façade

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