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Originally Posted by Jambo51 View Post
I think I might retire from ROM hacking when this patch is finished, actually.

Putting in the concerted effort and time to make such a large patch has really taken it out of me. I've started to not enjoy it now.
I wouldn't (if I were you) just retire from the hacking scene altogether. Of course, it's always your choice, but I think everybody gets burned out, especially when things become tedious and time consuming.

You obviously need a break, though. You should spend a few months away from the forum and rom hacking in general at least. Maybe focus on other projects, and when those become tedious and time consuming, come back to this one.

The people (myself included) who are eager to get their hands on your patches will most likely still be here.

However, if you do choose to retire from hacking, just remember that we all appreciate the efforts you put into the time you did spend with it.

I just wanted to say that, because I've felt burned out by rom hacking before. The only things that help me force myself to keep up with the hack were my own willpower and knowing how many people appreciated/enjoyed what I was doing. So I just wanted to let you know that it's appreciated, whether you release this patch or not, or whether you never hack roms again.

Oh, and another thing that could help would be to take it slower than you feel you want to. Maybe only spend an hour or two a week on the patch. It will take a considerably much longer time to complete, but then you won't feel consumed by it.
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