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Originally Posted by nightangel View Post
i do check the recommended list for good tales, but i wanted to see if anyone had found a solution to the not so user friendly Fanfiction interface
Yeah, actually is more friendly for users than other archive sites. Like Jax said, there's search functions by: rating, genre, character(s), status of completion, and (for Pokemon) what canon it takes place in. Plus, there are summaries, word counts, and chapter counts. Plus, communities. Those collect fics that fall under certain descriptions, like fics focusing on a certain couple or those that write about certain characters.

For highly active fandoms like Harry Potter or Twilight, there are communities dedicated to finding/recommending fics. For other fandoms, though, it's more subjective what makes a good fic. There's no one quality for fics that make them good. All you can search for, like with Pokemon, is the characters that you like seeing (if people write about them even), the genres that you like to read, and the word count (if you want). You can also search for fic rec sites/communities which cater to all of that particular fandom, so you'll get a wider mix of fics and opinions. Those mostly tend to list the popular fics because of word-of-mouth and everyone reading them and then continuing to rec them because they're of a particular quality.

Plus, well, different factions of fandom have different popular fics. Some groups might have never heard of the most popular fic in another group.
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