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I have a couple questions. 1)What would our current pokemon level's be? I know that EliteKiller said he was setting pokemon to level 10. Is that/did that happen, was it all pokemon, and I've beaten Falkner since then so yeah... (Got a little carried away on that question...)

And 2)Is it possible for our pokemon to learn moves not neccisarily TM's or by level? Like we lose a battle and afterwards the victor helps teach our pokemon a new move? Say teach a Bellsprout Synthesis by digging it's feet into the ground.

Hope those made sense. I can try and clarify if need be.

And 3)Money? What's going on there? Are we going by Game prices of Pokeballs and Potions, or just kinda guessing?

Sorry for being nit-picky, I just like to have things beknownst to me.
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