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(Well, I certainly can. |D)

Valorie just sort of flinched and turned to Suicune. Another legendary pokemon? What the heck? A whole lot of questions raised in her mind, not the least of which was 'What should I do?'. Regardless, her thoughts were interrupted by her flygon moving in front of her protectively. Despite this, Valorie peeked around Flygon, listening to what was being said. They were... pleading? She wasn't a pleading kind of girl. Despite the skirt, she was pretty keen on doing things the hard way, personally. Yet... was that really appropriate for this situation? She supposed not, and so she swallowed her angst. It was hard for her not to just try to faceroll any challenge that came her way. She hadn't really been put in her place in a while, was the thing.

She opened her mouth to say something, but just sort of closed it for a moment. She wasn't sure if she should. Then again...

"We're not that bad, really!"

She just sort of awkwardly tried to be pleasant. Given, she succeeded completely in being pleasant yet a bit awkward. Her thoughts though. She was silently almost sure that this legendary pokemon had heard this a hundred times before. All this pessimism was making her paranoid, to say the least.