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Originally Posted by whaku View Post
Hi guys, im new here.
i want ask 1 quick question?
can someone tell me game pokemon GBA with full pokemon from all pokemon in fire red until all pokemon in diamond, pearl, platinum.
didnt have full its ok, but almost full.

for example magnezone didnt have in fire red, is there gba almost have all? hack version maybe? tell me please.
There is no Pokemon GBA game that contains all 386 Pokemon that you're referring to. However; there are hacks out there that have all 386 Pokemon in them. That's all I can say unfortunately, if you want to find them, I'd go look at the Slideshow Showcase in the Rom hacking section. If there is nothing there you want, Google it! :) Hope this helps ~

Originally Posted by drdaylight389 View Post
I have another question on EV Training:

You can only receive 510 EV points total. So if I'm EV training my Bagon in Sp. Attack and I max out his EVs (255 EV points) in this stat and keep battling Oddish's, will I lose some EV points to add to the Speed stat?

For instance, there are 255 points already in the Sp. Att stat. I battle Oddish another 5 times. Will I lose 5 EV points to add to the Speed stat; meaning I will only have 250 EV points to use?

I know I should be targeting 252 EV points max for each stat, but I think I might have forgot to add points once or twice while EV training late last night. So I was just going to give him 255 to be sure I got them all and then move to EV training in speed.

Sorry for the double post...
I don't really know what you're getting at, about losing Ev points, but no, you won't lose Ev points once you're at 255. They'll stay at 255.