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Can I reserve a spot I'll get it done ASAP

Name: James
Sideran (Sid-ar-ran)
Age: 20
Gender: Male
He wears a white pink top with a black jacket with a Blue Pokéball symbol, with Denim Jeans with a mini-rip in it, he has a Blue cap with black streaks, his hair is long and tangled he never really sorts out her hair, she has black, blue, purple and white Trainers with light gray coloured laces and he has Blue fingerless gloves and he has a Red and White Scarf.
Personality: He is a very determined person, and if you insult him, be prepared. He is quite Mature with the exception of when he is celabrating. He loves his Pokémon and she will only let down his guard if it is his friend. He isn't not Intelligent but he does have common sence. He is quite focused in battle but can be forgetfull
Pokemon: Shinx = tackle/leer,
Suddenly, a explosion came from the door.

Several black and grey clothed people spewed in.

A man sent out his Haunter.

Time for some battle! Chris as due his Personality is compelled to battle.

"Vaporeon, Buizel let's wash them away!" Chris pulled out his pokéballs,

He threw them and they bursted out from their Pokéballs.

"Vaporeon go in for a bite!" Chris noded at Vaporeon, grinning as he commanded battle, then Vaporeon ran in for a Bite.

"Buizel use surf!" Chris commanded "Buz?" the Buizel questioned his trainer due to infact not being much water near.

"Go on!" Chris pointed to the docks. Buizel ran to the Ocean

"Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...." Buizel roared "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!!!!!!!!!!!"

Water waved in and the door being open, it hit directly on the Haunter and then the water eevee bit it's opponent.

Haunter fell down with only on the last limbs "Ghost, use Mean look!" shouted the man,

the Haunter's eyes lit purply and suddenly the surroundings turned into a purple mystical tunnel

The man commanded again "Evolve now!" Haunter started to evolve into Gengar

Chris was stunned "How did you do that?!"

The man laughed maniactly "I stopped him evolving and then he could evolve at will, any way enjoy your fight!" He threw out five more Pokéballs all Gengars

Chris was in trouble. He only had 2 pokémon and there was 6 Gengars and he could not excape,

Chris hesitated, he tried to find the one using mean look, "Buizel use Tackle, Vaporeon use bite on that one with mean look!"

Buizel was running as well as Vaporeon,

The man laughed evily "Team use Shadow ball!" The Gengars eyes lit up,

They fired...

The Shadow Balls was spinning at them

"HELP!" Chris screamed...

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