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Originally Posted by Charicific View Post
Ok, she might wear "Cool" looking outfits, but I don't know if we think the right but...we don't feel it is right. At least I don't. I do understand that there are always 2 sides on a debate so I don't feel wrong. Anyway, Personally, the older characters, were better. Hilda....well, all I can say is that she wasn't better FOR ME. I don't want to say she was bad, because in my dictionary, Pokemon never included something horrible to me, its just that she isn't better than the previous ones. I gotta say, the pale skin creeps me out most xD
That's an interesting reason to dislike her, different from most. What do you think makes her paleness stand out the most? Because if you look at this, the characters are equally pale imo:


Is it the clothing, do you think? It's certainly strange when someone has so much skin showing that they'd be pale. Or does it have more to do with the dark clothes and hair, since those tend to make skin look paler? Or a mixture of both?

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