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@JalordaSerpent7: Overall the tag is a huge enhancement from the stock. I definitely like the text being slanted like that. I'm not feeling the text size. Text should rarely really be the focal, so make sure that the text is not more prominent than the blast/bolt. Also, I think your tag is becoming somewhat monochromatic. Do experiment with analogous colors, such as green-blues or green-yellows (or if you want to get nifty, green's complement is red). You can put some c4d effects coming from the bolt (set to linear dodge ya). In addition, you can put effects (preferably light color so they contrast with dark background) around Voldemort too, especiallyyy to the far left side. That side is pretty unloved there. Your tag could benefit from reducing the height a little bit. A widescreen look would intensify the bolt, which appears to be the focal since Lordy is too small. Hope any of this helps. Just try some tips in your next pieces too. ^^

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