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What do YOU want to see in Manga/Comics?

This section, as most people know, hasn't been very active in a while. I intend to change that, using every trick in the book and then some. But I don't know all of them, and that's where you guys come in. I'm open to every kind of suggestion - whether it's specific events you want to see, emblems you'd like to have uploaded, or even rule changes. I'm also going to let you guys know what I'm planning, to hear your thoughts on it.

I also want to extend a question to you guys. People have expressed interest in events for the birthdays of important PokeSpe characters. I don't want to do full-blown emblem events like the PtGT for every single character, 12 a year, but I am planning on doing a big one for Red's birthday (just missed it this year :( ), and possibly mini-events for other character's birthdays. If I did mini-events, what would you like to see? Fanart? Trivia? Rotate through various events per character? (Sapphire = fanart, Ruby = trivia, Green = other) Or would you rather not ruin the uniqueness of events by having so many?

I'm dying to hear your thoughts on these, so post away!

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