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Originally Posted by Cilerba View Post

Pebblegrove City.

Please try to ignore the event squares. :x
It's very nicely done. I've personally disliked the series' penchant for having towns made up of like three houses but in this map it doesn't bother me at all. There doesn't appear to be any obvious tile errors, but I do have two little gripes with the mapping.

In regards to the house on the right; I think it would be appropriate to move it one tile downwards, thus making the path below it only three tiles high and leaving you space to make the path above it straight (and also three tiles high).

I would also recommend moving the nearby gate house down two tiles, to where that tree below it is, or two tiles up and adding another tree where the gap is made. That way it either lines up with the middle of the three tile lower path or the middle of the vertical path immediately outside it.

Overall, good job. Cheers, Jim.
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