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Originally Posted by MasterLink742 View Post
To be honest, I thought that I had picked a bad time, and people weren't too interested. I would check to see when people were on and saw that they had posted in other RP's and just figured mine had died.

I don't usually go into an RP thinking that it will last forever. Part of it is knowing that if I did, I'd just be disappointed if it died early. Another part (mostly for my own RP's) comes with my low self-esteem, in that it won't be a good enough RP to succeed.

Another thing is that I didn't push people to post as much. I am gonna need to be a little more strict on how active people are...

I am still willing to continue this RP if you guys are. We can send a few VM's or PM's and see who still wants to do it.
It definitley is more about player inactivity than anything else. I agree with PM/VMing other players, we definitly need more activity in this. If some find themselves busy or are unresponsive, we could find some way to let their characters out of the story. And I don't think it's totally Link's fault for the... "nap" this RP has had. Encouraging activity is important, though. I, like all those who still check back here from time to time, really don't want to see this RP die. I think it's very good, and could turn out to be just fantastic if it stays alive. Hopefully Mudkip's post will help wake this thing up.