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Gah, I'm trying to come up with an idea for a challenge, but I can't. The few ideas I could come up with were already mentioned here... on the previous page, so I don't believe that I should even try them. Anybody have any ideas that I could use...?
If I'm right, there can only be one of each challenge going at once, right? What I mean by that is, if there's (for example) an Unevolved Challenge already going, I can't make one of my own? Even if there were differing rules or options or something?

EDIT: Well, I came up with SOMETHING, and I have no idea if it's been done before.
There's two, but they're basically one challenge.

In the first, you use Pokemon used by the evil team in the game that you're playing. When you have no gym badges, you use the Pokemon of the lowliest grunts there are. Once you have two badges, you may use Pokemon used by the stronger grunts. With four badges, the Pokemon of the Admins, and with 6, the Pokemon of the Team's Leader.

For example, if you're playing BW:
0 Badges - Grunt: Patrat/Purrloin/Sandile/Scraggy/Trubbish
2 Badges High Grunt: Watchog/Liepard/Krokorok/Krookodile/Scrafty/Garbador
4 Badges - Admin(Ghetsis): Cohagrigus/Boufallant/Seismitoad/Bisharp/Eelectross/Hydreigon
6 Badges - Leader(N): Pidove/ Timburr/ Tympole/ Darumaka/ Sigilyph/ Boldore/ Ferroseed/ Joltik/ Klink/ Carracosta/ Archeops/ Vanilluxe/ Zoroark

You will be able to use any and all Pokemon from past ranks, and anything in their evolutionary lines. If you want even more of a challenge, you could stick to using the first rank Pokemon and not their evolutions.

You may also do this by using the Pokemon of a single gym leader in your region. If you're playing GSC/HGSS, you may not use the Pokemon of a Kanto gym leader... unless you're doing a super easy mode.

There will be a little bit more to it, but that's most of it.
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