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Originally Posted by Kura View Post
So I wanna ask for tips or suggestions. I can't beat the Elite 4 in White.. and it's super frustrating. I'm so underlevelled and I grind but I keep switching pokemon because I don't know which ones will end up good I wanna evolve them too and by the time I level them up to around 40 I feel like they end up crummy and it's just so rage inducing.. :C There is no good grinding spot.

Forgive me for not being totally good with the names.. I nickname all my pokemon so I tend to forget their real names:
My good ones are my Dar-something (Red chicken-monkey thing with gorrilla arms.. fire type)
Snivy-evolvedform (my highest levelled pokemon at level 55ish)
The birdpheastant one.. Unfeasant?

:/ I just noticed my good ones seem to be all attack-powered guys..

I feel like I should just somewhat EV train something with a decent nature (anything that wont make it bad) like a jellicent (because my turtle carracosta or whatever sucks bigtime) so at least I wont have to grind it all the way to level 70 for it to stand a chance..

Or.. what should I do? :C I hear litwick is good.. maybe I'll half ev train that one..? Like.. I dunno.. I wish there was a good grinding spot in B/W..


ALSO! One time when I traded a green-mitosis thingy for the goth girl.. ._. the gothica or whatever didn't show up in my PC but my greenie was gone. Do you guys know what happened there? Did I get gypped? Nothing went wrong when it was saving or anything.. so it's confusing .___. I traded with someone in Korea that I didn't know with that trade center thingy .__________.
Ugh I'm sorry, I'm such a casual gamer I am terrible at names ;___; But please help if you can offer any suggestions!

hey in nimbasa city the two stadiums will have 8 trainers in each who you can battle once everyday they have level 65 pokemon bt you should be able to level up also, on the route above undella town there is a guy in a black suite too the left of a lady with a parasol, once a day you can get an item off him for free and one of the items you can gt is another lucky egg (if your lucky that he gives it you on that day) and the routes around undella town and undella bay the pokemon there are high levels which you can grind against.

hop i helped

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