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@Sydian - Nope, no idea what you're talking about. Unless it has something to do with Holloween :S
But if it's a bit specific to the Challenge forms, I have absolutely no idea at all. Ima new to this section X3
Oh yeah,SYdian,will we have have a halloween challenge event? :3

@Syd, maybe you're playing it for the nostalgia of Kanto but don't want the 8bit graphics?
Love 8-bit though, so that can't be it. ;-;

What do you guys think of the idea of a Base Power Challenge? The idea is that you can only use moves with a low base power, say, 60 or lower. I might make this challenge after I finish up with my Gorebyss solo challenge if it hasn't already been made. This challenge would make multi-hit moves like Dual Chop and Double Kick rather useful.
FURY SWIPPPPESSS. Not a bad idea though. -keeps a vigilant eye out for said challenge-
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