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Quote originally posted by Charizard★:
It's cold and warm over here. Today was 79 and yesterday was 59. :/

Why can't weather just make up it's mind? I ended up wearing a sweater to school today because I thought today would be a bit chilly today too, and I forgot to look at the weather, so needless to say, I was paying the price on the long, hot bus ride home.
Weather can be a do I put this? Bipolar sometimes. Especially during the Spring & Fall months. It refuses to stay between cold and hot, and that's where people like me get really sick with colds & stuff. >_>

Quote originally posted by Toujours:

YOU want the freezing, lake-effect snow-every-day-from-November-till-April weather that I live in? XDDD;
BRING IT ON. In fact, I always wanted to see snow. it's been FOREVER since I've seen snow in person.