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Originally Posted by Sooyun View Post
Welcome to this neck of the woods, stranger. ^.^

The old thread was specifically for HGSS and their trainer classes around the time it came out, so it's old and locked. So yes, you can definitely revive this challenge and incorporate your idea (I like the idea of the tier system, just not exclusivity to Plasma). If you want less to manage, you can make the challenge for 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation (since the 3rd and 4th generation has the remakes), or just a specific generation and narrow down/combine a few classes (like, combining bug catcher/maniac with aroma lady, just have the combos make sense, lol) that may only use one type.

I wouldn't stick steadfast to just confining yourself to one trainer class. That would be too samey for some challengers since there's not a ton of variety in the Pokemon Plasma uses. It would be like the Eevolution challenge (where the player would have a team of eevolutions). There's only Eevee, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Espeon, and Umbreon. With 8 choices, it's inevitable that some people will have similar or the same teams. That would be a boring thread to read.

And considering that next month is All Hallows Eve, it will most likely be a Halloween Challenge. Sydian's pretty much in charge of the larger scale challenges that usually corresponds to holidays (see my sig. one was St. Patrick's). They usually come with prizes (emblems for you profile), and they usually have a time limit (to the end of the month we're celebrating).

@Syd, maybe you're playing it for the nostalgia of Kanto but don't want the 8bit graphics? :pink_giggle:

Edit: I found patches of the following:
Red with Dark and Steel types
Gold & Silver that adds the Safari Zone w/ version exclusives (They couldn't add Safari zone in Crystal, so instead, they added the version exclusives of Gold/Silver back in their original routes.)

May I say: sweet!

Now I just need to find a non-Viet version of a translated Japanese Crystal.
Well thank you :3

And I hadn't planned to use just Team Plasma, that was just my example.
Hint: reread everything in that post ;3
Well, I might consider making that challenge then.
Holloween Challenge sounds... interesting. Perhaps it would have something to do with a Ghost/Dark type challenge/theme/something?

@Shea Man - Sounds interesting but... well, I don't know if I'd make that :S Who knows? Maybe.
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