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Quote originally posted by Ash493:
Farfetch'd approves? Then it must be EPIC! :D
Glad to see you back in bussiness :D
Thanks, Ash.

Quote originally posted by Fireworks:
I looked for this in Progressing Hacks on Sunday and couldn't find it o_o
Yeah neither could I.
Quote originally posted by Fireworks:
Didn't know you already had this much progress. Anyway, the storyline doesn't say too much about the hack, which in my eyes (or eye, considering old right's having a little trouble at the moment), is a good thing, because it lets the player discover the plot gradually as they progress.
There's no plot to be discovered in a two-gym demo. But you wouldn't care either way because you said you won't play it, right?
Quote originally posted by Fireworks:
Mapping seems decent, although that screenshot with the Team Stigma Grunt kinda bothers me for some reason, not sure why though.
I was never a good mapper
Quote originally posted by Fireworks:
Tiles I'm not going to comment on. It wouldn't be far considering hate FireRed tiles so there's no point.
Hater's gonna hate
Quote originally posted by Fireworks:
Other than that, and this may seem harsh, but it just seems like a generic FireRed hack. What makes it stand out, exactly?
The hack name?
Quote originally posted by Fireworks:
Anyway, I'm not going to play it yet until there's a more lengthier release, but I'll keep my eye on this one. Again, not my right eye. So yeah good luck and stuff, and hopefully this will turn out better than your other hacks.
Okay, I guess. Don't blame me for waiting too long, though.
Quote originally posted by Fireworks:
Oh and add Fakemon, you know you want to.
Quote originally posted by Fireworks:
Also that Torkoal overworld is good can I use it please thanks
Sure, go ahead.

Quote originally posted by Suicune™:
Based on what I saw I was hoping the Demo would be released soon but I was happy to see it's already here so I'll give this a try looks great btw!
Thank you, I'm still looking for a review from someone who played the demo. :x

Quote originally posted by ChaosJester083:
I'm interested... How about I LP this after I finish my current one (Video not Mariomon). I was looking for another beta 1 game to try and get word out about.
Uh, sure, whatever rides your horse.
This is my December . . .