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Quote originally posted by Wiznatts:
Thought that I would drop in here with the sheets that I have for front sprites. I haven't decided what to do about Gen 1-3 back sprites, so I'll hold off on posting those for a while. Anyway...

Gen 1
Gen 2
Gen 3
Gen 4

Most of these are just the sprites ripped from official games. Others are from some hacks here, like Lilac and Light Platinum. A few are from WesleyFG's sprite pack. The rest are from the formerly 493 GBA project that Chaos started or made by me.
I don't know whether you contacted Wesley to ask to use his sprites, but you certainly didn't speak to me about the usage of mine. Please edit these sheets so you have removed all of the re-sized sprites that you took from Pokemon Lilac. I did not give you my permission to use them.

Thank you.
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