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Sorry about the delays, guys. My brother has recently been on school holidays and has had a real hankering to play TF2 so it's been a little hard to kick him off. At the moment, I'm on my mum's laptop, BREAKING THE RULES! <:

Actionhero112's Roaming Tides is accepted!

Blue Rose's Terra Region: An Adventure Awaits For You! is declined.
There's no rating! And no sign-up sheet either, but I suspect you'll put that in after you've finished with the reservation period? Or, if you've forgotten it entirely, that's ok too. Just PM or VM me the rating and/or the sign-up sheet or repost it.

Blue Rose's Terra Region: An Adventure Awaits For You! is accepted!

shinysweety's Pokemon: A New World is declined.
Again, no rating. Just PM or VM it to me or repost the roleplay.

Silver Rogue's Dragon's Breath and OOC accepted!
I started just trying to edit out all of the spoiler tags, but because you probably did this in firefox, all of the coding was just EVERYWHERE. So, I copied and pasted the whole lot and just re-formatted it all. I hope that's okay with you. d: If it's not what you want, you can just edit it yourself.

luigimario84's Zombie Uprising is declined.
Your RP lacks any kind of real storyline. At least give the players a background of why the apocalypse started, why they survived, how they ended up where they are, why they were asleep etc etc.
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