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Name: Baiyun
Age: 64
Gender: Male

Personality: Baiyun is very proud, as is common for he species. He will not take insults to himself or his race, though more the former. He also will not hear anything bad said their actions in the war. He is also very fierce and short tempered, willing to start a fight as much as he could, though it won't come to blows unless the person is human/elf or they keep up their antics.

Baiyun is also very loyal to his kind and has always looked down on other species. He believes that dragons are far superior and that they do deserve to rule whatever world they find themselves in. Despite all this, Baiyun finds other humans interesting and likes to 'study' them whenever he can.
History: Baiyun was born to a red male dragon named Xia and a white female dragon named Baixue. Both dragons had come from lines of families that didn't want the original war to end. After all, dragons were bid, could fly and breath fire. Not to mention their very hard scales that could bounce back the worse of swords or arrows and their unpredictable magic. Why should they bow down to the humans and elves just because one of them got along with a baby dragon?

Baiyun listened to all off this growing up and soon took on his parent's view of the world and the creatures with in it. He truly looked at the humans and elves with contempt and wished that he had some excuse to get rid of them and make his parents proud. This especially grew as he trained to become a warrior and be even more deadly with his claws and fangs. However, when he began to do scouting mission when he was in his late 50's, he also found them all fascinating. Despite their vast inferiority, they seemed to be able to live a fairly rich life.

However, when the Prince and Princess were kidnapped and the human and elves blamed them, Baiyun's old anger was brought back to the surface and he jumped at the change to get rid of these pests once and for all! How dare they accuse the dragons of something they had no part of! It's time to put them in their place.
RP Sample: (The following his from an Okami RP I was apart of)


It was night out in Agata forest, the crescent moon shined brightly. It was the only source of light to be found in the clear sky, casing shadows onto the ground that could only just be seen. Everything was so still that not a even a leaf swayed. It was as if the whole forest was in a deep sleep, awaiting a time when the sun would come up and life would begin again.

Execpt that things were not as still as they had appeared.

There was a swish of air, causing a slight rustle in the leaves. If someone had looked at the ground, they would have seen a moving shape. The very quite movement continued, as did the shadowed shape on the ground, though it was getting pretty hard to see it due to how fast it was going. Leaping from tree to tree. It looked as though nothing could stop its speed.

That was, until one suddenly saw another shape appeared. This one could be made out more do to standing still, though one would be confused as to why they see a floating crescent moon with a person on it. The shape raced towards the shadow crescent moon until it was right at it. Then two weapons, both toped with their own moons, clashed together. For a split second, time seemed to freeze and one could make out the shape of a young girl with long hair locking weapons with a woman who seemed to be sitting on the the floating moon.

However, that moment soon passed and the two shapes jumped away and fell to the ground. The real moon in the sky seemed to narrow its light on the two. The girl slowly stood up, flicking her long, silver hair out of her face and holding her scythe with a moon-like head tighter. On the other side, the person on the crescent moon turned out to be a woman with green hair and barely wearing any clothes. The two stared eachother down before the woman lifted her staff, also with a crescent head, and pillars of light rained down.

The girl swiftly dodged the coming attacks and rushed toward the woman. Again their weapons locked, though this time the girl jumped up, making the woman lean forward and tried to stab down. The woman created a bubble of light that protected her and made the girl fall to the ground. She rolled out of the way as another beam of light came down and got back up and launched a silver wave at the woman, who seemed to 'jump' out of the way as the girl rushed forward and once again their weapons clashed.

At this time, there seemed to be a matallic roar, causing both fighters to turn their head to the sound. Soon after, the many different Imps surrounded the two. They were all different kinds from the lowly Green Imp to the threatening Black Imp. The fighters quickly unlocked and turned back to back from eachother.

"That was Orochi," the girl said, then seemed to sigh. "That must mean he's rising to power again. Have we been here that long already, Luna? Man...seems like he just got here yesterday."

"It is to be expected, thine daughter," the woman, Luna, said with a kind smile. "Despite all things we have done, ye should be going back to ye own time. I as well. Thou has learned much and thine father shall be proud. Soon all will know and fear the name that is Kynthia Usagi."

Kynthia, or more commonly known as Kyn, chuckled and smiled. "Thanks for sticking with me all this time. I know it wasn't fun listening me complain for the first ten years or so."

Luna raised an eyebrow, not caring that the Imps were now closing in on them. "Does thou beileve that I shall leave thee? I hope thine daughter does not harbor such feelings. I shall never leave thee unless it is thine wish."

"Oh as if!" Kyn said with a laugh, also not caring that the monsters were getting closer and closer. "The day you leave me is the day that I myself give up on everything. Despite my complaints, that's not going to happen soon."

Luna smiled and turned to the Imps. Once again raising her staff, she unleashed more pillars of light, causing quite a bit of damage to the Imps. Kynthia rushed right into a horde of them, slashing her way though. Though she made sure she didn't spend too much time on an enemy before moving to another one. When the situation called for it, like a Black Imp reading an attack, she swung her scythe and used a Moon Wave on it. It didn't kill the monster, like it would have if she didn't deconstruct her strength, but it was enough to stun him. This made it so that she could run in and slash with her Moon Scythe.

The battle wasn't easy or short, but the two lunar dieties have fought and pratice for so long that this just seemed like another one of their routines. They were able to keep their areas controlled and, when needed, could even switch places, Kynthia back flipping over her summon and stabbing her scythe down as Luna wacked at a few.

Some time later, only a handful of the Imps remained. The rest were either dead or else had run away. Luna was about to use another one of her spells when Kynthia held out a hand to stop her.

"Please, Luna, let me try out that one skill again," Kynthia said, smiling a bit. "I still need to work on it, after all."

Luna smiled back and nodded. "Of course, dear daughter. I will finish any thou does not kill."

Kynthia nodded and turned to the remaining Imps, who were looking at each other nervously. The demi-goddess closed her eyes and seemed to concentrate. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and disappeared in a blurr of silver. One Imp was cut in half by this streek as was another. However, though it was damaged greatly, the next Imp was not killed and the one after that was even less damaged. After the last Imp was attacked, who wasn't injured that badly, the blurr returned to its original spot and Kynthia was seen kneeling, panting deeply.

"Damn...still haven't quite gotten it," Kynthia panted.

Luna raised her staff and created a ball of light which she tossed at the remaining Imps, causing them all to turn into flowers.

"Though I wish we could stay, thou should leave. Thou will now be directly interfering with histroy it thou stays."

Kynthia chould help but give a humorless laugh as she stood up. "'Interfering'? How long has it been since I heard that term..." the demi-goddess said, then sighed. "But you're right, we should head back....It'll be good to see dad again."

Luna smiled as she disappeared in a flash of light which went into Kyn. The girl smiled before turning and walking away. Soon, she would be back to her own time, back to her true world once more.


Kynthia streched her arms and gave a yawn as she walked across the mountain. After leaving the Spirit Gate, she had traveled to Shinsu Field and rested there. Now it was well into the day and Kynthia was making her way to Agata forest. She couldn't wait to get back home. She doubted there was any change, after all she was suppose to return only a day or two later then when she left. Hard to beileve, a hundred years in the past, and yet only gone one day as far as many people were concerned. It hurt Kynthia's head to think about it, so she didn't.

As she reached the last little hill, a wide grin spread across Kynthia's face and she ran. As she reached the edge, the demi-goddess didn't even bother looking and just jumped down. She landed crouched on the ground to absorbed the shock, landing a place where a dead looking tree stood on the end of a clear pond. Kynthia jogged the rest of way to the edge of the raised ground and took a good look around.

At first, it didn't register in Kynthia's head that something was wrong. Although, another person could say that it did, but that she was just in shock. In either case, it didn't change the fact that her home, Agata Forest, was completely covered in water.

For awhile, Kynthia could only stare at what she was seeing, not beileving it. But when it became aparant that what she saw was real, and not a dream, she only had one thing to say:

"WHAT THE F@#$!?!?"

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