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Well I decided I better start posting again:

1) Don't start the game with your friend's LV70 Mewtwo (Yes I got that title from Prima's Strategy Guide). If you start off the game with that Mewtwo, it will not obey. It may attack like once every five turns! Chances are it will go to sleep! You need badges. These are the badges that affect levels that make your Pokmon obey.

Cerulean City - Cascade Badge = LV30. This means you could trade a level 25 Ivysaur from your friend and have it obey.

Celadon City - Rainbow Badge = LV50. This means you could trade over a level 42 Jynx from your friend and have it obey.

Saffron City - Marsh Badge = LV70. This means you could trade over a level 66 Mew from your friend and have it obey.

Viridian City - Earth Badge = All Pokmon. This means you can actually trade the Mewtwo over and use it (You could for Marsh Badge too). All Pokmon at any level will obey with this badge.

2) Happiness is the best thing. In Yellow, you must make Pikachu happy in order to get Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbsaur. One sly and sleazy way, is to use a Potion when Pikachu is at full health. That was a small glitch.

3) Why go to all the effort at the Safari Zone? At the Safari Zone, some Pokmon are a pain in the butt. Kangaskhan being the most annoying. There are two ways to get the Kangaroo without going to the Safari Zone. Trade from GSC OR do the Missingno code. Your choice!

4) Master Ball. Yes, everyone knows if you do the Missingno code you can easily duplicate it. OR you could save it and use it on Mewtwo in the Unknown Dungeon.

5) Item ball or Electrode? In RBY, Voltorb/Electrode are very sinister and disguise themselves as item balls. So be careful in case you get ZAPPED!

6) Safari Zone fenced Pokmon and Bill's House. If you are new to the Pokmon World just remember, seeing adds data to the Pok Dex. So take a look at Bill's favourite Pokmon and look at the ones caged in the Safari Zone, and you'll find that it adds pages to the dex. Plus, if you can catch those Pokmon in the wild, it will add data to the area, therefore allowing you to find them!
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