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Seems good, what are their EVs and natures like? Only thing is, a lot of them seem to have pretty bad type coverage. Chandelure shouldn't have two fire moves - giving it a move like energy ball will give it much better coverage against it's weaknesses (water, rock and ground!). Substitute's also probably a waste due to its sweeping nature and having a move reliant on health remaining - nasty plot could be much more useful here!
Tyranitar probably shouldn't be using two dark moves, especially not a special move - it's uncommon to find something weak to dark attacks with a lower special defence than defence, especially given Tyranitar's huge attack power. Dark pulse could be replaced with earthquake and thrash could be replaced with stone edge or rock slide; this is much better coverage and plays well into Tyranitar's strengths.
Lapras seems okay if you're simply planning to sacrifice it, but it's rare that an opponent will let perish song outlast them unless mean look or block is in play. I'd recommend playing into Lapras's health and giving it some stat boosts and status moves.
Reuniclus is useless against a dark opponent. This desperately needs some non-psychic moves or it'll be near impossible to defeat anything that's resistant to that type. Give it some type coverage and it'll be fine.
The other two are pretty good assuming they have helpful EVs and natures; overall a good team. Sorry about the weird order, haha.