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Left Unsolved...[T]

Sign-Up's Open

All Su's go here as well as all OOC chat

On November 29th, 1991 a crime was committed, the first crime ever to have happened in Pallet Town. One of the wealthiest men in town a man by the name of Davies Parker was holding a huge dinner party inviting people from all over the Pokemon world to help raise money for the Pokemon researchers. During the party he was called out for a few minutes and right after he left the power went out and several screams were heard. When the power came back on Davies Parker was dead in the foyer and seven of the researchers best beneficiaries were missing. The murder and kidnappings were investigated for over two years but no evidence was found hinting who committed the crime.

It is now ten years later to the day and the murder victims daughter Penny has made the decision to throw a party as a memorial to her fathers death in the exact house where it happened. Many famous people were invited. Most of the gym leaders and the elite four and even Red showed up. But as the party started almost everyone noticed that their hostess was no where to be found. A small search was lead through the small house and at half past nine her body was found in the foyer. She had been killed the exact same way as her father had been at the exact same time, and seven people had disappeared. The chief of police has opened a new investigation to try to solve both crimes that had happened.

You are one of the detectives that have been assigned to this case. You were briefed by those that worked the first case but there was nothing to share. Your job is to investigate the large house for clues and to try to solve both the new case and the unsolved case. But as you get closer to the truth things get more dangerous and are bigger than they seem.

Rules: 1. No godmoding is allowed at all, bunnying is allowed but only to specified NPC’s

2. Follow all forum rules. Treat other rpers with respect and do not post one liners.

3. I’m not going to be easy on Sign ups. There will be no reserves simply post your Su’s and on October 9th I will judge them and the best will be chosen.

4. This RP is rated T for blood, violence, talk of murder, and possible death.

5. Don’t post to fast, We all live in different time zones and some people have school most of the day.

6. To show me that you have read the rules put the following phrase in your SU “All questions will be answered in time”

Name: (First and Last)

Age: (18-35)

Gender: (obvious)

Appearance: (1-2 paragraphs)

Personality: (2-3 paragraphs)

History: (1-2 paragraphs. Why did you become a cop? how was life growing up, etc.)

Pokemon (you may have one Pokemon your partner No Legendary’s)

Pokemon Name:




Moves: (up to six)

Spots open:
Chief of Police: ~Genevieve~ as Melody Johnson
1. Aura Rift as Layton Darning Orsburgh.
2. Nideous as Samuel Viscenti
3. Mick Fizz as Philip Nolan
5. Greiger as Jonathan Hughes

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