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@ Blue Rose Oh right sorry, but seriously don't post in a thread just to backseat mod, thats not cool.

Anyways soz this is late heres my SU.


Name: My names Orsburgh, Layton Darning Orsburgh.

Age: I'm 21 currently.

Gender: Take a wild guess.... thats right, Male.

Not bad eh?

Personality: I'm a nice guy honestly, I have a strong sense of justice and believe in my morals one hundred percent. Criminal scum just bug me and I prefer they get put away for life rather than whatever pitiful sentence the judge thinks up, when it comes to criminals who go as far as murdering others I would prefer they're put dow permanently, it's because of these reasons I became the detective I am today. In general I'm friendly enough but can become a bit of a jerk when I'm engaged in my work or some other matter, you see I'm furiously dedicated to finishing what I start and tend to snap at others when they interfere. However when I find myself without any pressing matter on my hands Im quite the friendly guy, I like to socialise, get to know people y'know? Plus most of the time I'm not just doing it to gather clues and evidence...

When alone I like to reflect, think about things that have happened so far in my life, everyone makes mistakes but not everyone looks back and tries to learn from them. Life makes you fail so that you learn, so why not study your work and get things done more efficiently next time? When with others I'm usually doing one of three things. Snapping, like I said I'm very serious about my work so I tend to go off on one when interupted. Talking, I'm a very chatty person, my Dad always told me that was a good trait for a detective to have and finnaly, Grilling for information, I'm notoriously "silver tounged" and usually get what I want when I ask, I can charm, threaten, blackmail and tick people into giving me the information I want quite easily so you may want to be careful around me at times.

History: I grew up on the rough side of Kanto, my father was a detective just like me and was one of the only things keeping the people who he served from falling apart. From a young age I admired him and he would always tell me how I had natural talent for getting dirt on people. I always remember how he would bring me home piplup shaped jellies every sunday as a treat for being good for the week. They were in the shape of piplups head and were cobalt blue, they tasted of blueberries. It's kinda sad that this is the fondest memory I have of my father but there you go. My father always got his man and never once in my memory failed a case, that is until he got hired along with other detectives to the case of Davies Parker. The sunday the case was closed my father forgot to bring me those piplup jellies I so fondly remember. All I got for my troubles was a quick sorry before my father locked himself in his study and began working on the case privately. A few weeks later he seemed to have come to a breakthrough and ran from the house muttering something about the answer to this cases question. He often used terms like that to describe hs cases. Howevr that was the last time I ever saw my father. He never came back that day and the next morning, Ernesto Delavia from the Almia region came and told me that my fathers body had been found. Ernesto was a family friend and since my mother had died giving birth to me, he took me in with his wife Chika. Ernesto homeschooled me and gave me special lessons on pokemon training, private investigating and even how to handle firearms.

When Ernesto took me in I was only eleven years old, I wasn't that upset over my fathers death. He had often told me that he mightn't come back so I took it quite well. When I reached the age of twelve Ernesto started me on my lessons and by the age of fifteen I met my partner Stratus, she was only a little swablu, barely two years old, after alot of training and hard work with Ernesto however she evolved into a beautiful Altaria. I became a detective for the Kanto police at eventeen and had to say goodbye to Ernesto and Chika as I was stationed in Pallet town, as a goodbye present Ernesto gave me my fathers gun, it was a basic 10 mil pistol, but the sentimental value made it worth more to me than anything in the entire world, I graciously acepted and left for pallet town with a wave of my hand. Me and Stratus have been living here for four years now, Stratus is now nine years old which means she's a healthy and hard working pokemon at the current time and I'm twenty-one still just stepping out into adulthood but at least now I'm considered mature by most people. Due to my fathers attempt to solve the murder I was invited to the part held by Miss Pennie Parker on the tenth anniverary of the original party and a week before the tenth anniversary of my fathers death. Little did I know what was waiting for me.


Name: My partners name is Stratus, like the cloud.

Age: She's nine years old.

Appearence: She's like any other altaria except her fluffy white wings are slightly grayish in colour.

Moveset: Her moves are Dragonbreath, Dragon Dance, Sky attack, Perish song, Mist and Refresh
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Yes I really am so awkward I got the least likely answer on this test. A teddy bear pokemon I guess on the plus side... I'm cuter than everyone else *smugface*
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