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I do believe I will sign up for this. :D

Name: Samuel Viscenti

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Appearance: Samuel is a tall man. He is roughly 6'1 and has a slim build, His body is well muscled from years of fighting. There are a great deal of scars on him, though they are mostly kept out of sight, with the exception of one scar that lies just below his right eye. Other than that scar, his face is fairly unremarkable, neither being extraordinarily handsom nor brutally ugly. His eyes are a striking blue, though they have a sunken, gaunt look about them. His lips are thin, and he has the look of a man that hasn't shaved in a few days. His hair is a dark brown, and no matter what he does, it looks rather unkempt. It falls in tangled curls to his neck.

Sam usually wears his policemens uniform. When not at work, he is in a comfortable and easy to move around in pair of blue jeans and blue T-shirt. He always keeps his badge with him, because there is no such thing as an off duty cop. He is never seen without his pokemon.

Personality: Sam is dedicated to finding the truth. He absolutely hates the rich, and always believes that they are schemeing things. Years on thee force have also taught him not to trust the poor either. In short, he doesn't trust anyone except fellow officers, and even then, he doesn't trust many of them. He has a very strict sense of right and wrong. He is a bulldog, never letting go once he has something. He never gives up the chase, not even caring about what rules he has to break to catch the bad guy.

Many years of hardships are beginning to catch up with him. At the age of 34, he is in rough shape. He resents the fact that he is not as strong or as fast as he was ten years ago. He used to be a heavy drinker, and nor that he has finally quit, he does his very best not to fall off the wagon and go back to the drink. He still has times where he was so blacked out that he can't remember what he did. In a fight, he uses every trick he can think of to win, after all, his opponent will be doing the same. There is no such thing as fair to him, only right and wrong. Fairness has no place when someone is trying to kill you.

Sam also poccesses a gruff and sarcastic manner. He may come off as unfriendly, and that is usually because he is. However, unless you do something to break the law, he will do his utmost to keep you safe. When by himself, he has a tendency to try and think everything to a conclusion. To try and solve everything in his own mind. When not alone, he will generally try to make himself alone, in as polite a manner as he can. He just doesn't feel the need to have anyone keep him company.

History: Sam grew up in Saffron City. He was a child during the Rocket take over, and his father worked at the Silph Co. The man was not the same afterwards. Sam's father turned down a dark path. He was fired from his job for stealing office supplies, and he turned to the bottle. When he was drunk he would get into fights with the teenage Sam. When Sam turned 17, he had had enough. He packed up his belongings and moved to Vermillion City. Once there, he enrolled and became a police officer.

When Sam turned twenty, he got into a fierce fight. As a result of that fight, the man he had been trying to arrest ended up dead, and he faced an Internal Affairs Investigation. Though he was soon cleared, as the man had pulled a gun on him, Sam was changed. He became depressed, and soon turned to the vice his father had used, alcohol. For the next ten years, he would live a very simple life. He would chase down all manner of scum and arrest them, and when he returned to his home he would get drunk and pass out. This went on until he met his partner.

When Sam was 31 yeears old, he came across an injured Houndour. Something within him yeilded, and he took the pup to his home and began to care for it. Soon, the Houndour got better, and the pup had captured Sam's heart. For the first time in years, he put the bottle down. Sam soon found out that this Houndour was a part of an investigation into illegal pokemon fighting. The pup had escaped from the operation, and gave Sam and the other officers a chance to go in and bust it up. Which thy promptly took, arresting everyone, including the Houndour's former owner. Rather than put him up for adoption, Sam took the Houndour as his own, and the two became partners. Over the next few years, they worked together and captured more criminals. Houndour got stronger and evolved, and Sam began to take better care of himself. He was promoted when he turned 34, and set out for his next case.

Pokemon (you may have one Pokemon your partner No Legendary’s)

Pokemon Name: Rosco

Species: Houndoom

Age: 5

Appearance: Rosco looks like an ordinary Houndoom. Though he has a great deal os scars as a result of his brutal start in life. Rosco also has a chipped Canine tooth. He has a badge of his own, certifying that he is a police pokemon. He wears said badge around his neck on his black collar.

Moves: Crunch, Flamethrower, Quick Attack, Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, Overheat, Dig
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