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Originally Posted by Sweet Candace
That was funny. "RUN, LUNA, RUN!"
That was my first thought when I saw that.

Originally Posted by Cirno View Post
^I think that's the best MLP fanwork I've ever seen. Literally had to hold in my laughter there.
You want to see what I think is the best MLP fanwork yet?

Celestia's True Story and Battle with Night Mare Moon.
(All By: nimaru)

Part One: The story begins...

Part Two: It's continues though bathtime. (I love the guard's reaction here.)

Part Three: The monster within and Celestia's attempt of rescue.

Part Four: The Final Part and Harmony returns... for now. (Once again, the guard's reaction caught my attention.)

This story is drawn extremely well and in truth I shed a tear every once and while during parts. It's a great backstory for the princesses.

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