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I have a question and I really am not good at keeping track of threads, so if someone could pleaseeeee pm me the answer i would be super grateful
first of all, i dont understand how black city works. the first time i visited there, there was a mall, and two little green houses you could go into. this was there for a long time afterwards, until i beat alder. after that, i went back and the mall was gone, but the people around the city and the two houses were still there. i cam back today, and everything was gone, except for one person and the blue tall buildings in the back, except some of the blue tall buildings got smaller. i also heard that you can buy evolution stones in black city, but even with the mall, i couldn't. can someone pleaseee explain to me why the buildings disappeared, how i can get them back, and how i can get evolution stones in black sity? Thanks so so so much in advance

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