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Main Information:
Name: Nikolai Afon
Age: 20
Height: 6ft. 2in.
Weight: 155 lbs.
Location: Moscow, Russia

Atlantean Tattoo: Nikolai’s tattoo is located on the inside of his forearm, close to where the upper arm meets the elbow. Check out the thumbnail at the bottom for a picture.

Nationality: Russian

Physical: Nikolai is a person you would most likely not remember if you saw him on the street. He has a slightly muscular build, and is a bit tall, but not abnormally so in either category. He has short jet black hair that he spikes daily. He usually wears reflective sunglasses, but behind the glasses are two piercing blue, almost grey eyes. He tries not to eat too much junk food, so he is rather healthy, although he does enjoy the American drink Mountain Dew. He has long fingers, which he often uses to type on a computer keyboard.

Clothing: Nikolai does not care too much about fashion, preferring to wear simple clothing styles instead. His usual outfit consists of dark blue denim jeans that bag a little along with a belt, and a plain t-shirt. He also is often found wearing a jacket with a hood as well, but almost never with the hood up unless he is trying to avoid attention. The clothes he wears often don’t have logos, or if they do the logo is not very obvious. Nikolai hates wearing things where he feels like a walking billboard. He also dislikes wearing shorts, and therefore always wears jeans or sweatpants.

Personality: Nikolai prefers solitude over company, but does enjoy the righ tkind of company. And in his opinion, the right kind of company is the kind he is in charge of. Nikolai prefers leading to following, as most of the time,other people’s plans are not well thought through or have no real objective. Despite liking to lead, Nikolai is rather shy as he has been homeschooled his entire life. Because of his shyness, he never really gets to know those who he is put in charge of, in the few cases where he was. This has made others working with him feel uncomfortable around him, which is something Nikolai has noticed and not even tried to change.

Nikolai is also dedicated, and won’t put anything down until the job is done completely and done right. It irks him when people leave things unfinished, and he will often pick up a project that isn’t his just because another person didn’t bother to finish it. While this quality is sometimes good, it also annoys people when they find that their project was finished by another without them asking for any help.

He tries to be helpful when he can,although because of his social awkwardness, his help is often rejected. Others find him to sometimes be boastful of his abilities, and turn down his help just because of that. Recently though, he has become very reclusive and hates to talk about himself due to his recently found ability. Whenever people try to talk to him about himself, he quickly tries to change the subject.

Nikolai was born in Moscow, Russia, where his father was the manager of a weapons manufacturing plant. Nikolai never knew his mother, and his father never talked to him about it, neither did Nikolai ask. For the first eight years of his life, he lived in Russia where his father hired a homeschool teacher for him, rather than have him go to a public school. While Nikolai thrived in school and was very bright, his homeschooling led to his social awkwardness and shyness later in his life.

When Nikolai was eight, his father was transferred to a plant in California, and both father and son moved to America. Nikolai continued his homeschooling education in the sunny state of California, although it took him a year and a half to learn English well enough to hold a conversation with another person. He never took much interest in relationships with other people in America, and instead buried himself in personal studies. Still exceling in his homeschool program, he began to take extra courses, especially in technology in programing.

For eight years Nikolai studied in America, making few friends and mostly isolating himself. When he was sixteen,his father was killed in a driving accident, and Nikolai moved back to Russia. Back in Russia, he was cared for by another family for two years before he reached eighteen. On his eighteenth birthday, he left and went back to his old house, which he had inherited now from his father, along with a large amount of money and all his possessions, which included a large store of guns, his father being a weapons manufacturer. For the next year, he took time to practice with firearms, becoming familiar with many weapons. Now he always carries a concealed M9 Baretta in his jacket.

When he was nineteen, the Atlanteans revealed themselves to the world, and he expierenced a burning sensation on hisupper forearm, where a strangely patterned tattoo appeared a few days later. Soon after, he developed an ability that he could not understand at first, but has since come to understand it and work on controlling it.

Nikolai has the ability to control and manipulate electronics. He first discovered this ability when he went to the bank to take out a deposit from the ATM. He simply touched the machine, and 250,000 rubles (about 8,000 US dollars) came flying out of the machine. Not understanding, he went to the bank teller and told him that the machine was broken. After several instances such as this,Nikolai decided that this could not be a coincidence.

He slowly developed his abilities, and eventually learned new skills that he could use. The first thing that helearned to do was manipulate a machine’s inner workings, and make it do things without him actually having to type on a keyboard. He was currently working asa programmer, and as he became faster and faster at this skill, he produced programs faster as well. Eventually, he quit his job as a programmer and relied upon his father’s inheritance money while he further explored his new ability.

The next skill he learned was accessing the World Wide Web. Just by closing his eyes and placing his hand on any device that accessed the internet, he could literally see the streams of data flowing throughout the globe. The first time he used this ability, he passed out from the huge amount of information being processed in his mind. Eventually, he learned to slow the amount of data that his mind could process at once, picking and choosing what he wanted to research at astonishing rates, even if he was slowing down the speed at which he processed information.

The latest skill he learned was the ability to access cell phone networks, and through them, satellites in orbit.He is still extremely reluctant to use this ability, as the first time he usedit he accidently caused a satellite to destabilize in orbit and made it crash only fifty miles away from Sidney, Australia.

Writing Sample:

(Taken from the Pokemon Odyssey 2: The Dark Tournament)

He had stalked his prey for a few hours now, the time all blending together making it seem both like ages and like a blink of the eye. Silver had found the scent back at the river that ran through the cavern, and it had led to here. He had always been a good tracker, and that was coming in handy right now as he swept his eyes from one side of the small cave to theother. The scent had branched off from the main fighting cavern and gone off into a side cave that turned and twisted for what must have been miles, but here the scent was freshest, and could not have been more that a few minute sold.

Silver scanned the cave from his hiding spot for the third time, trying to spot any evidence of his target. If he had been back in the Alpha Alliance, he would have rushed in without hesitation, as few could stand up to a member of Gold Tribe. But here, every fighter in the tournament was chosen because of their strength, and usually more than just that. So, was he just getting closer to his enemy, or was the enemy lying in wait for him, waiting to ambush him.

Silver thought for a moment about his options, and what he had learned so far about the enemy. The scent he had picked up was definitely bug, and it had been relatively fast. The absol had to run at some points to keep up with it instead of sticking to the shadows like he normally did. He had also smelled and seen droplets of venom at some points, so it was probobly a poison type as well. He searched his memory, trying to recall any of the contestants in the arena thatwould match the description. The only one that he could remember had been a Scolipede...

He smiled, Scolipedes took extra damage from psycic moves, and just happed to have psyco cut. Well then, he thought lets go trip the trap. He cautiosly creeped into the room, keeping his ears and eyes open for any movements or sounds. He moved to the center of the room, waiting, then spun around quickly to see the monstrous form of a pokemon behind him. He grinned inwardly as he saw that he was correct, that it was an ambush and that he was facing a Scolipede. After hardly a millesecond of satisfaction, he lept out ofthe way of the charging bug pokemon, which kept going and crashed into a rock. He quickly sent out two psyco cuts and a dark pulse at the beast while it was stunned, but it did not seem to do a lot of damage to it. Not that Silver was surprised, all the players in the tournament could probobly take lots ofpain, and a few attacks was not going to stop this beast. The Scolipedecontinued to charge him time and time again, while Silver harrased it with both his moves and claws.

After a few minutes of this, the Scolipede changed strategies, and used themove steamroller, rolling up the wall onto the cieling, then back down the other wall and into Silver before he had time to get out of the way, throwing the Absol against the opposite wall, temporarily stunned. The Scolipede took advantage of the opening and charged once again, this time mercilously stabbing Silver with it's horns, poisoning him. Silver quickly used a combination of psyco cut and dark pulse to blast the other pokemon away, and got up shakily, the poison already taking effect in his system. Realising that he did not have much time before the poison would really kick in, he changed tactics, launching dark pulse after dark pulse through the room. causing it to shudder and shake.As he saw cracks forming on the walls and cieling, he dashed out of the room, just as the cieling collapsed behind him, cushing the wailing Scolipede behindhim.

He ran on shaky legs for a mile or two before resting and taking stock of his injuries. He had various scrapes and bruises, but the only major wound was where the Scolipede had stapped him with it's horns on his left sholder. He could feel it stinging from the poison and a small amount of pus was oozing out of it.

He slowly made his way back to the main cavern, and just as he did, there was a large explosion on the other side of the large cave. He squinted, trying to see what had happened, but was unable to because of the distance and dim light. He crept around the edge of the cavern, staying in the safety of the shadows, trying to find out what happened, when he saw a pokemon walking straight forhim. He tensed up, readying himself if battle was necessary, then relaxed again as he realized it was one of the keepers.

The hooded Kabutops called to him "The battle is over, you may come back to the portal now."

Silver hesitated for a moment, then walked out of the shadows towards the ancient pokemon. He started walking back to the portal, then stopped and asked "What happened over there with that big explosion?"

The Kabutops smiled and said "A graveler who was about to die used selfdestruct and tried to take his opponent with him. Unfortunately he failed, and the other pokemon managed to survive. Although, there was quited a bit of damage to the arena. "Then the ancient pokemon smiled and walked away, probobly to go gather the rest of the contestants.

Silver shuddered. Unfortunately? Wow, some real nice people here. He shook his mind and quickly limped to the river, where he dipped his shoulder in an attempt to clean out the poison before heading back to the portal. He stood at the glowing doorway for a moment, looking back into the cavern, before stepping into the glowing light.

He stepped out on the other side and shook his head. Those portals gave him a strange feeling in the head, kind of like when at parties when you suck all the helium out of a balloon.

He looked around, searching for the other Gold Tribe members, finding most of them standing together, as well as a small Buizel. He walked over to them, weaving through the smaller than earlier crowd of pokemon. He cleared his throat and said "Well, looks like most of us made it through the round. Any news from the others yet?"

Hello! Not sure, but I may edit this a little bit later...maybe. Lol, but I like the Russians!! I really like my character though.

EDIT: As usual, my computer is being stupid and forgetting to add spaces when I copy and paste. I'll fix those I see. Ugh.
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