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Quote originally posted by G-Money:

:pink_disbelief: That is incredibly admirable. That's probably the most dedicated shiny quest I've ever seen. NINE shinies from the same quest?? That's incredible!! Massive props to you.

Also, awesome nicknames. :)
Thanks. XD I was aiming for EVERYTHING. But those 9 were goot enough to satisfy me. Especially Ho-oh. I didn;t bother to count my SRs but it took me a month and a half. XD

Quote originally posted by jordsters:
Well, I do have a Japanese Emolga, but I got it from the GTS and I have a terrible feeling that it's from a ROM... The OT letters are like bigger than usual, you know, like when you play a Japanese game and use the English letters?

I might start hunting Riolu! Lucario'd be so awesome as a Shiny, thanks!
That may still be legit actually. I actually own a couple imported games. The person could have very well have nicknamed it the english name. As I said, I own a couple imports, and that odd font carries over the english games for reasons I am unsure of. XD
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