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Quote originally posted by donavannj:
Kei-pon all the way, even though I have no idea what the hell "pon" means.
I think it's like "-tan" which is just a kawaii honorific that was made up by some kawaii girl.

Quote originally posted by Sydian:
okay first off 5/12 IS SRS BSNS second lmao he really meant that BO RIS looked sexy and had a hot body obv :| and i vote kei-chan cause you already called him that earlier so when i see him i think of him as kei-chan..............prince is sexy too though. but weird. i vote prince.
obv he wants this. all of this.

Quote originally posted by Moogles:
oh lmao I actually played this game but your rendition of it is so funny I cannot handre.

Also Kei-Pon sounds like it'll induce lol so.
I think I'm gonna do multiple play throughs, it kinda seems like I'll be y'know... beating it soon lmfao 9_9

It's a tie between Kei-chan and Kei-Pon. AT LEAST ONE MORE VOTE IS WHAT I NEED. And I'll update tonight if the tie is broken v_v

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