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Quote originally posted by Musharna:
There's supposed to be someone in the Opelucid city who will tell you the EVs of your Pokemon, why can't I find anyone?
There is a woman, she's inside one of the houses. She tells you either that your Pokemon put in "a lot of effort", or that it "could try harder".

Quote originally posted by Charicific:
All right, its time for my silly question session, here you go:

Ninetales Hidden/Dream World Ability is Drought right? Could vulpix/Ninetales be obtained via dream world at the time being? If not, does it mean that A Drought Ninetales (don't ask from where) will be rejected when playing online? You know...the message that says "There was a problem in your pokemons, they couldn't participate" or something like that....
You can get a Vulpix with Drought in the forest area of the Dream World after getting 10,000 points. It's been available since the start, so that shouldn't give you any problem. If you are having a problem, check for Sky Drop on your Pokemon, or Chatter, and if you don't have either of those, list your Pokemon here and we'll see if we can help you out.

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