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This is dumb. Most of you say you want pokémon games to be more mature. You say it shouldn't be just for kids. Well, you got it. Hilda isn't a freaking ten year old. According to what I've been told (from a source I really can't recal), she's supposed to be around 16, the same as Herbert. Actually, I doubt any of the other characters (even Red) were supposed to be 10. The only character that is 10 is Ash, in the anime only, so it would draw 10 year olds in with the anime to play the game (and also for already playing 10 year olds to get more attached).

Personally, I like the design. What's the problem? At least it's not like some girls I know who only wear a long shirt and yoga pants (or whatever you call them these days). Actually, it's all I see girls wearing these days. Either the yoga pants, or similar to Hilda's clothes.