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Quote originally posted by Musharna:
Man I use this thread a lot XD Thanks for all the answers guys!

I'm checking the IVs of my Pokemon using this and I'd like to ask what does it mean if it says "possible IVs 0-31"? I know 31 is the best and what people want for their Pokemon, but does that mean it can be anything from 0 to 31?

Also, for one of my Pokes it said in stat "31-31". Does this mean it deffinitely has 31 IV on that stat?

IVs are so complicated...
The Minimum IVs in each stat is 0 and the Maximum IVs is 31. if it says 31-31 its definitely 31, this can be confirmed by looking at the pokemons Characteristic. However if it says 0-31 it is likely that your pokemon is not at a high enough Lv for its exact IVs to be accurate.