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Guess I'll grab a dragon reserve.


Name: Territh
Age: 825
Gender: Female
Territh is covered in a smooth but very thick layer of silver scales throughout her body while her underbelly and neck has a light lavender hue to her scale tone. Her mouth is composed of a larger overbite when compared to her lower jaw and her head is oval shaped save for her extended snout. Territh's reptilian eyes contains the lavender hue of her underbelly and neck while her pair of white horns, that retreated upwards behind her skull, blend together with her silver body. The muscular wings upon Territh's back has long seen flight and was well worn with battles over the hundreds of years she has been alive. Her forearms are small but the claws that paired with each hand are curved and deadly sharp. Her legs are much larger than her forearms and held the same claws on their end, and the long slender tail that came from her tailbone could curl around her body with it's magnificent length not to mention the sheer strength that it could produce should it come falling down on an object.

Many small scars can be seen across her body from the many battles she has participated in. Her wings had suffered the most damage, however, they have begun to slowly recover with time. Territh's eye sight has been slowly degenerating, which has actually fueled her inner sight abilities to a much higher degree as she can sense blood lust more clearly than before.

Personality (At least 4-6 lines, preferably more):
Early in her years, Territh lived in solitary away from her fellow dragonkin. She hunted by herself, watched over herself, much of anything she did was without any help from others. That was how she liked to carry her life, with her own claws. Territh had learned the basics of survival from her mother before her mother followed her father into the afterlife due to the coming of the war. Being left alone at a young age was one of many catalysts for her solitary personality. With solitude brings lack of social skills, thus Territh is anti-social and hesitant to engage in any form of conversation with others resulting in poor teamwork if she ever decides to use it.

Many have tried to approach Territh, be it as a mating candidate or just to strike friendships with her, however, many have failed. Territh is much too stubborn at most times, and it is difficult to persuade her from what she finds would be troublesome to her personal well-being, unless of course she persuades herself to take action. Many have never seen Territh in rage, so it's highly unknown what her true capabilities are, but it's safe to say, it's better not to invoke her wrath.

From before the great war, Territh was one of the younger dragons of that time. She was extremely solitary, something which was found odd about a Dragon in general, and she was ridiculed for being as such. When the great war began, Territh wasn't interested in the war of the races and kept out of the bloodshed when the danger had ensued. She was truly an ignorant dragon despite her relatives' destructive natures, and try as they might, the others could not persuade Territh to join their battle. And so, the war went on until the coming of the boy and the dragon, a unity of two races and a peace that would last for many years. Territh was truly interested to see just how long this peace would last as she retreated to her corner of the highest mountains that overlooked the world below her.

As hundreds of years came and went, Territh grew wiser and more considerate of the humans whom had bonded with her fellow species but the humans in general, were clearly multiplying rapidly with time, which was something she foresaw as dangerous to the Dragons. Not far from present time, Territh had decided to return to the surface from her fortress high atop a mountain to inspect the lower lands more closely, but only to find herself under attack by anger driven humans as well as elves wherever she had gone to. Something wasn't right, and Territh was determined to find out if only to keep her future from being destroyed.

RP Sample: (Urm.... I'll think about something.... )
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Guess that anime!
Boy likes girl. Girl doesn't like boy. Boy is heartbroken and mulls around until BAM, he turns into seksay winged bishounen who catches the attention of girl but falls for girl's twin sister who falls for boy who falls for HER and-

Confusing? Betcha.
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