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Quote originally posted by Pokemon Game Fan:
Name: PGF
Game: GSC
Number of Pokemon: 3
Restrictions: At least one fire and one dragon type, other type is whatever you choose. Oh, and I'll be using an emulator, so if I hack to get the three in the beginning, I hope that's ok?

I don't know who's above me, so I can't really pick anything for them. xD

Quote originally posted by Itz Spadezz:
Pokemon Game fan: Typhlosion, Dragonite, Persian

Crazy Eevee: Farfetch'd, Arcanine, Snorlax, Magneton, Seadra, Gryados

Since now I have more time can someone get me a team for pokemon White?

Name: Itz_Spadezz
Game: White
Number of Pokemon: 5
Restrictions: none

Ahh... I'm sorry, I forgot to add this to the requirements:
-Must have a type (no normals)
Can you just change the Persian for something else?


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