Thread: Research: Pre-Battle Mugshots in FireRed
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Hello, my friend. A table (in Pokemon ROM hacking) is a list of data stored in the rom in a consistent format, usually used when there are multiple possible items which can use a piece of data.

In this case, you want to point the 0x08FFFFFF (either in the ASM file or in the ROM, just remember that doing it in the ROM means you need to reverse hex the pointer, while if you do it in the ASM file, it will be done automatically by the compiler) to some aligned free space (that is, the pointer ends with a 0, 4, 8 or C) and fill in the entries of the table with little endian pointers to the pallets which are to be used in the background of the mugshot.

Little Endian = Reverse Hex.

That should help you!
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