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It seems to me that in that example thread you linked, the owner of the thread was very open to any changes and even asked for more or if changing it was a good idea. Yeah it's wonderful that you want to achieve Smogon-quality rates here but we do not have Smogon-quality battlers and more often than not they're very very new to the whole battling scene, meaning half of the time the raters need to explain why a certain Pokemon is better than another for the job they're using it for. We just don't have the same kinds of RMTs that the vast majority of Smogon is comprised of and that's ok. Sometimes new players need to be given options and even if all of the team members are suggested to be 'replaced', it's still just giving the owner of the team more options to experiment with. They can go through and replace everything if they want or only the things that sound good or fluid to them. The last post in that thread is a wonderful post, too;

Originally Posted by owner of the thread
I think I most likely will be swapping houndoom out and competing in RU though because the pokemon in this team were chosen because they're my favorites and they're all in the RU tier. I'm really looking into some of the changes you have all mentioned though.
That's the point of RMTs - to give the owner new thoughts on how to change it and improve it. Yeah, changing only one or two Pokemon is the 'optimal' idea here but sometimes we need to go through and give them new options for every 'mon because a lot of them aren't as good as they should be.