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Let's not let this thread get personal. Discussing the merits or issues of a rating style is fine, but let's not get heated. ;(

Anyhow, I really don't mind people posting a lot of potential replacements. I think it can get out of hand with newer players just because they don't have anything to gain really from going into battle with six standard Pokemon and not understanding their synergy or even how they work individually. It seems like a waste of the rater's time. More than anything, new players just need experience and encouragement, and tearing down their teams isn't exactly the most uplifting experience no matter how it's worded. That being said, it's not really a big deal.

In general, I feel like we're not really in a position to be nitpicky about rates. Activity is limited as it is, and whatever our issues with how it's currently done, I don't think it's really worth getting worked up about. I feel like our energy would be better off being channeled for something less inherently negative that could make a positive other words, what Wolf said.

I feel like the thing we need to focus on most is the dormant T&E subforum. We combined it with S&M to make them more connected, and while that has to some extent happened, we can do so much more. We also need to get people battling more [/guilty]. Out of the plethora of metagames available, there is one for everyone. I would certainly be willing to get behind the Advance metagame or even the extremely obscure 200 metagame. After all, this is CBC, not CBC: Gen 5 only. I think that there is a lot of untapped potential with the subforum. I think that three clans to start is plenty and we can build the foundation from there.

We would have to make sure we know what we want out of them exactly. Still, the general basis will definitely be battling, so that's a fine start.

(unrelated note: Vrai is probably watching Wisconsin/Nebraska right now, the Huskers' first Big "Ten" game. For the sake of the sanity of the state of Nebraska and the state of Vrai's mental health, let's all cheer for the Huskers even if Wisconsin is going to win)
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