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(OOC: Ok, you'll be bunnying his charecter intill he starts posting again. In the mean time, we need to get SD to post.)

"I don't exactly get your question."Adriane stated, looking at Valorie.

"You mean humans? Six."Mew said.

"Me, you, Cress, Spike, Lance, and Tyrant wasn't it?"Adriane replied.

Cress nodded.

"I think so."Cress said.

"Me too."Mew agreed.

"Is everyone going to be ready soon?"Suicune asked.

"I hope so."Adriane said, half glaring at Spike and Cress."We're going to have to go on without Tyrant."

"I'll try to contact him to let him know whats going on."Mew said.

Mew closed her eyes in concentration.

"Tyrant, Uxie. We're going with Suicune to talk to the other legendaries. Its do or die, hurry up to the non-legendary rebel HQ. Do you remember where it is? We did know before we 'rebeled'."Mew sent the message to Uxie and Tyrant.

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