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Well just a heads up, you won't be doing this kind of stuff in design/vis communication really. Not the design side of it anyway. Which tends to be more geared at advertising more than anything. Generally those kind of courses aren't as keen on doing graphic art. If you want to get into this area I would recommend going through an art college. However, I'll give you a rate on this one.

First of all, your focal point isn't really visible enough. You've blended it a bit too much with the background, by making it semi opaque. The render also looks quite choppy around the edges. Possibly because it's over sharpened or maybe because it was a bad render, either way it's quite distracting.

Everything is kind of blurry and not strong enough, which really cripples this tag, also there's no real attempt at creating flow. You should try and add your effects but make them obvious, you don't need to bring the opacity down of everything to make things blend. You should try and do this without blurring things so heavily.

The colours aren't the best either, they're quite murky and displeasing. You need to think about what kind of palette you're using upon making a tag, here your colours clash quite a bit.

There's way too much text. There's not meant to be so much, and it distracts from the focal. It's not very visible either, I can't read it very well. You should always put it close to the focal point, but not far away, and due to the amount of words it goes out quite far and away from the focal.

Overall the tag is quite messy, bright, and low quality. You can read over my comments to see why. Just avoid blurring all your effects so much and try keep things pretty high quality.