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Sammy Bridgevale
Episode One: A New World Awaits! Awaken the Bonds!

Sammy stamped his hand on his alarm and sat up slowly. He had been awake for a little, but he just liked to wait for his alarm. It was like a competition every day, to see who would wake up first. Would it be the alarm, or would it be Sammy? And today, he had prevailed. Like he usually did. No clock was going to outdo Sammy! And then, right on cue, a chorus of beeps from the little virtual pet that 'slept' next to the alarm clock. It went off every morning, usually just after Sammy got up and today was no different. It was so cute, just to see the little guy welcoming him into the day. Did the virtual pet have a sensor bar or detect motion or something? Whatever it was, it was just plain cool. Plain cool.

So, after Sammy had quickly fed the pet and did whatever to get its fun and hunger stats back up to full, he did what he had to do to get ready; have a shower, pull on his uniform, eat his own breakfast, clean his teeth, give his hair a rough brush and play a game mindlessly on his PSP until Winifred decided to wake up. Which didn't take long on account of she had to leave to go back to her own home or start work early or something or other. Whatever, Sammy just followed her to the car as she blabbed on about something that happened to her at the service station and how she was sick of getting hit on by some guy at a cafe. He just nodded and added "yep"s when he could, his attention far too focused on his game.

He got to school surprisingly early thanks to his sister's reckless driving (which Sammy didn't really pay much attention to anyway). He put his PSP away, as school rules forbade him or something, and wandered the halls aimlessly until he found a fellow friend.

"Hey, Rylie!" Sammy smiled brightly at his English partner. The girl returned the smile and with a flick of her blonde hair, gave Sammy a wave and joined him. "What's going on?"

"Not much, not much indeed. My dorm's a bit of a mess and my roommate was being crabby about it so I decided to run down here and kind of just chill," she nodded, looking back occasionally at Sammy with her dark brown eyes. "What's up with you?"

"Loitering the halls, being a public nuisance, etcetera, etcetera," he shrugged, then pulled his virtual pet out of his pocket to check on it. Yep, the fun had gone down just a little. "Gonna keep my little guy in good shape or whatever. He's so cool, just beeping at me all the time. I'd rather hang out with him then do a whole bunch of exams."

"Yeah, see, I don't really like this assignment. I left mine in my dorm since it gets a little annoying. It's a little weird, don't you think?" Rylie screwed up her nose and shook her head. "I mean, if they wanted to teach us about animal cruelty, why didn't we just go to a pound or have a class parrot or something?" Sammy shrugged back at her again.

"I like my little guy."

"Well, mine gets really annoying sometimes and-- oh, look at that!" Rylie pointed to the students up ahead, the slight shouting was a clear sign something was up. Being a senior and feeling it was his responsibility to help (that and it was just the right thing to do), he approached the group rather than avoided it. Rylie hesitantly followed. Sammy wasn't sure what happened, only that a boy walked away with a sour look on his face as a girl spluttered out a small sorry. The girl in question was a girl with crazy, multi-coloured hair on the ground. Sammy smiled a little; he had seen around the halls before but never caught word of her name. She looked to be interesting enough.

"Are you okay?" Rylie asked the girl. Sammy looked back at the boy with a slight frown.

"Hey guy, be cool. She said she was sorry," Sammy said to him. The boy was dressed in his perfect uniform and wore his snooty attitude. What a funny kid. Sammy shrugged offered a hand to the girl on the ground with his signature dorky smile. "Yeah, are you okay? My name's Sammy!"
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