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Lucy awoke to the sound of his clock's annoying buzzing. He quickly shut it off. After many years of being allowed to wake up when he pleased, he had not quite gotten used to the clock. Not yet. Still, it was better than oversleeping and having to talk to some teacher for being late. Lucy yawned and reached for his glasses. His hand brushed the little toy with his virtual pet, knocking the thing to the floor. He didn't much mind. It's not like it was real anyways. He found his glasses and slipped them on when the pet began to buzz angrily at him.

"Well good morning to you too," Lucy mumbled in a small voice. He picked the device up and looked at his virtual pet, who was in a really foul mood this morning. It acted mad at him, like it almost always was. Lucy didn't quite understand why it was mad at him. Could it be because he had knocked it to the ground on accident? No, it was just a toy. It couldn't understand things like that. Lucy clicked the feed button, only for the food to be promtly ignored. He clicked the play button only to get the same response. Hm...

"I'm sorry. OK?" Lucy said quietly, feeling stupid about saying sorry to a toy. Somehow, that did the trick. The pet began eating, and Lucy checked the compatiblity. 10% The same thing it had been when she got this thing. Hm... He'd have to pull it up at least 5% more, or he'd probably get told off by one of the teachers. But it was difficult. Lucy was a very shy and withdrawn person. If he had trouble opening up to areal, flesh and blood person, how could he try to do the same to a program? It wasn't even real! Eh, he'd think of something. Lucy slipped into his uniform and ate a bowl of cereal. Then he gathered his books and threw them into the bag. He hoisted the bag up and began to walk out the door, only to be stopped by another round of beeps from his pet. The pet he had been about to walk out the door and forget.

"Oops... No wonder you don't like me. I'm sorry. I almost forgot you," Lucy said quietly as he turned back and grabbed the thing. He clicked play a few times, and then shoved it in his pocket. Where it would likely remain until it beeped and buzzed angrily at him and he pulled it out to feed it. Hm... Maybe he should try a little bit harder with this toy. It seemed to have a real personality. Maybe the point wasn't just to take care of it, but to get to know the programed in personality or something... Well, needless to say, that was going to be very hard. But, Lucy was stuck. And he had to get to class. Maybe he could try after class was done. Lucy slipped out of his dorm room and out the building. He headed for the main campus. Despite being 14, the age of a highschool freshman, Lucy was classified as an eighth grader. It made sense, as he was so far behind, it probably would have been safe to put him with the seventh graders. But that was changing as well. Last year, before he had come here, he had shot up a few grade levels. Mikey and Janna, his foster parents, had then decided to dump him here. Hm... Well, nothing he could do about that now. Nothing except what he was doing, ignoring their phone calls and throwing away the letters they sent him. He had nothing to say to them, those people that supposedly cared for him and then tossed him aside. Like everyone else had. As soon as he got in the door, he was greeted by a small arguement.

"..." Lucy stood there, watching the students. He turned and tried to slip away down a different hallway. Sure, it would take longer, but he really didn't want to go past them and risk being talked to. He only hoped no one had noticed him before he could slip away.
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