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Katharina von Kuranse
Day One =Da Mon


SMACK! Katharina bumped into a familiar face; a face that she recognized from her classes, however, she didn't look up to see whom she bumped into; she was rubbing her nose to ease the pain.

"Ugh...I tink my node id broken..." she mumbled, as she rubbed her nose gently. She then finally looked up to see that familiar face; it was someone on whom Kathy thought was too lazy and laid back for his own good at first, but she then saw he was just as successful and hard working as her. Very admirable indeed, she thought. Her friend bent down to give her a hand, but, Kathy lightly chuckled as she was able to stand up on her own. She greeted him with a warm smile, followed with a sudden quirk.

"Thanks anyway, Herr Wesley," Kathy thanked, as she brushed off her lab coat to wipe off all the dust. Then she gave him a weird, cocky look. "Why, Herr Wesley! It is this early in the morning and you've still got your, how you say -- pants on! To what do I owe this rare occasion?" Of course, it was second nature for Katharina to joke with people about their quirks. She then took out her virtual pet to see if it was damaged in anyway. She let out a "Phew" after that she saw that luckily, there was not of a single scratch on it, just a little dust, on which she wiped it off.

"...This reminds me of a theory of mine," Kathy started to say. "The most sudden bumps in life are triggered by our most sense of collaborative planning. So, I assume that this bump I have had with you... IS THE KEY TO UNDERSTAND ARTIFICIAL STANDING! I MUST WRITE THIS DOWN!" She then quickly took out her notepad, along with her fluffy pen, and wrote down jot notes at a breakneck speed on the lined paper.


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