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Sammy Bridgevale
Episode One: A New World Awaits! Awaken the Bonds!

"We should get goin'. The teacher will be ticked if we're late," Xavier said to the other two seniors. Rylie nodded at him, grabbed Sammy's arm and led him and Xavier towards their first class; English. One of the only classes that Sammy was actually decent that. That and Maths. His other classes, like Science, History, Art and Computing? Yeah, he wasn't that great, but enough to grab a B or something.

"Good idea," Sammy said, letting the arm guide his legs. The class wasn't too far away, thank god. It was quite a big school, walking to the other side of it wasn't something he enjoyed doing. So, a short walk took them to Room something or other and luckily, the bell hadn't rung yet. So the teacher wasn't in yet. Sammy walked in, took his spot next to Rylie and smiled at the other sitting next to him.

"Hey, Gracey!" Sammy grinned back at the red head. "How was your night?"

"Very much lame. I just studied all night. You should have totally been there. Rylie was!" Grace looked over at her classmate with a smile, who gave a wave back. "Why couldn't you?"

"My sisters came over. Both of them, which is pretty rare. Winifred usually works when Francis has her nights off, so it was really awesome. It was like a family night!" Sammy shrugged. "We watched Scott Pilgrim for the thousandth time but mum fell asleep. Have you see that?"

"Nope. Is it good?"

"Amazing! It's amazing," Sammy turned back to the front of the class as the bell went off and the teacher entered the class, thudding her bag and books on the desk. She looked a little tired for the first class. Oh boy, she was probably not in a fantastic mood at all.
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