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Katharina von Kuranse
Day One =Da Mon


Coming through the halls, Katharina and her friend past up a few jocks, as well as some new faces; one, that she saw a person that was really angry as he pushed and shoved through other people. Katharina didn't think of him too much, however; instead, she especially payed attention to what her friend pointed out: That sometimes he thinks that his virtual pet was still alive. Katharina made a small chuckle.

"Sure, and someday, you'll sprout wings, wear high heels, and become one you say, a 'porn' star. Come now, Herr Wes. A virtual pet alive? Z'at's impossible you know," Katharina pointed out as she took out her own virtual pet. "However, with this topic, I must add that this, my own virtual pet, does intrigue me. One day, I was speaking with another, and then out of the blue, it too, made a message I have never seen of was something you say...'DON'T WHAT ME?'...or something."

Her virtual pet beeped again, as Katharina played with the buttons until she got to the message page. "WATCH OUT FOR THOSE SPIDERS! STEP ON EM' INSECTS IF YOU SEE ONE!" it messaged. It was more like a warning, surprisingly.

Katharina surveyed around the halls of the school, searching for any eight-legged fiends. However, she saw none. "...But... I do not see any arachnids..." Katharina sighed, turning back to her virtual pet. "And to confuse the fact that arachnids are mere insects ... This thing must be broken, I assume. That, or my virtual pet needs some serious virtual medication, should there be such a thing. THIS GIVES ME AN IDEA FOR MY SCIENTIFIC QUEST! I'll call it: KATHARINA: Cyber Health Woes! From your Head, to your Toes!"

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