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Don't mind me, just the chick who let the old one die. (Though I'm glad it's being remade... last thread was so big omg.) Joining!

What is your favourite series made by Square-Enix?
Kingdom Hearts is my favourite series in the world, so it's my favourite SE series.

Who is your favourite Kingdom Hearts character?
It's roughly a tie between Marluxia and Aqua. Though I adore so many of the characters that sometimes it's hard to pick a favourite. Those two always come out on top though. (I think technically Aqua might be my favourite but Mar's been my favourite since like 2006 so he gets bonus points for longevity.)

What console(s) do you hope Kingdom Hearts III will be on?
Anything but Wii, pretty much. <_<; I'd prefer PS3 since then there won't be multiple discs, I don't have to worry about regions, and it'll use the controller I'm most used to. Though by this point I'm more accustomed to the PSP anyway so I could probably adapt to any control scheme.